I'm Angus, the creator of GradedBlue Music. Like several GradedBlue services, I built this platform to solve a personal problem. My favourite genre of music is called "Hands Up". It's a sub-genre of electronic dance music that originated in Germany in the early 2000s. The problem is, many of the best Hands Up tracks are unofficial remixes, bootlegs, or mixes that are not available in stores or on streaming services.

The Need for a Cloud Music Locker

I wanted a way to store and access my music collection online, so I could listen from any computer or phone, anywhere in the world. So I turned to Groove Music, Microsoft's cloud music locker service. It was perfect for my needs, but Microsoft announced they were shutting it down in 2018. So I moved to Google Play Music, which was also perfect for my needs, until Google discontinued it in 2020. I shopped around, but I couldn't find a service that I could trust to stick around.

Enter GradedBlue Music

Third time's a charm, and I was going to make sure of it. I started work on my own cloud music locker service, with the backing of GradedBlue's infrastructure. I designed it with availability at the core, with each track stored in multiple datacenters around the world. In the event of a datacenter failure, the service automatically switches to another datacenter. To ensure the service is sustainable, I added a subscription model, with a free tier for casual listeners. Now available on iOS, Android, and web browsers, GradedBlue Music is the last cloud music locker you'll ever need.

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